Frank Camuso in Staten Island

Amazon’s Newest Fulfillment Center in Staten Island

In the past few years, before our very eyes, Amazon has all but taken over the world! Going from what was a fledgling e-commerce platform, to the world’s largest, and probably most convenient marketplace – in only a matter of years, Amazon has recently opened up its newest fulfillment center in NYC – located right on Staten Island. And Staten Island natives like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine are excited about what this could mean for the future of their borough. Growing up, Frank Camuso had to always deal with the negative stereotypes that seemed to follow around anyone from Staten Island. The NYC’s garbage dump (technically true), the forgotten borough, and a host of other nicknames were given to Staten Island. And what probably hurt Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso the most, was the fact that it was all based in truth. Staten Island is actually home to the city dump, and a smell can often hit drivers as they pass certain exits on the Staten Island Expressway.

All in all, Staten Island often got the short end of the NYC stick – living for years as the “red-heated stepchild” of one of the richest cities in the world. However, a lot has begun to change, and Staten Island, once the forgotten borough – is seeing a ton of new expansion, and the state has begun to pour tons of money into reclaiming the borough as a strong part of New York. Frank Camuso and his neighbors couldn’t be happier. “It’s really nice to see things coming to Staten Island. Every weekend there’s something fun, and family-oriented to do now. It wasn’t always like that…growing up my parents took me to Brooklyn or even New Jersey to have fun. Now, my neighbors are always telling me about a new fair or new art exhibit, or new city project happening downtown. I love it – and the fact that Amazon chose SI to build this giant warehouse means something. SI is up and coming, and hopefully, it means more money and more jobs for the next generation.” Frank Camuso was quoted as saying.

Amazon has spent over $100 million on the 855,000 square foot fulfillment center located in Bloomfield, at the Global Matrix Logistics Park. And like Frank Camuso had hoped, the Amazon fulfillment center will be bringing with it an estimated 2,250 new jobs to the area – exactly what many on Staten Island needed. And the Amazon fulfillment center isn’t just another dead-end factory job. It truly can be a stepping stone into learning a business that’s poised to take over soon. Warehouse workers will earn accreditations and will be certified to use certain machinery – allowing them to use these skills in other factory settings if they choose to leave or once their opportunity with Amazon is over.

The fulfillment center will also be a place where Amazon will be testing their newest revolutionary robotic machinery. Much of the work will be done by specially programmed robots – in almost every step of the process, picking, packing, and shipping od the packages. The robots are the most interest aspect of the warehouse, as they can lift over 1000 pounds easily and pack and unpack certain products. While most of the employees will be working in the warehouse capacity for packing and unpacking and fulfilling customer orders – Amazon also will be hiring an entire HR department, accounting, financing, and management roles as well. With Amazon slowly inserting itself into every aspect of our lives from our products, to our TV’s, music, and at-home AI like Alexa – it’s nice to see them help local economies out at the same time.