4 Most Haunted Places on Staten Island

Despite being one of the more forgotten boroughs, Staten Island has quite a rich history – dating back all the way to the mid-1600’s, before even our nation itself! Part of the rich history of Staten Island has been the presence of spirits, ghosts, and otherworldly creatures. Staten Island natives like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine have always had a bit a hidden quirkiness to them. And while Staten Islanders seemingly appear to be more family-oriented people these days, their history offers a lot of mystery and intrigue. In recent years as the summer days grow shorter, and begin to bleed into the fall, more and more Staten Islanders like Frank Camuso ready themselves for ghost tours, and haunted houses – indicating the fall is here, and Halloween is right around the corner. But where exactly did all this hoopla over ghosts come from? For years Staten Island’s isolation from the other boroughs has caused many to assume much of Staten Island is haunted by more than just the fumes of the city’s dump. Some of these so-called haunted sites are places that the natives frequent quite often as well. And it isn’t just the kids, and teens that are in on the action. Many of the ghost stories of Staten Island have originated from years back, and the tradition of passing these tales down to the next generation seems to be alive and well. So if you’re looking to get your fall frights in early this year, here is a list of the top haunted places to visit on Staten Island.

  • Richmond Town
  • While every town or city has their fair share of ghost stories, natives of Staten Island like Frank Camuso and his wife Christine claim the borough is home to some of the most truly spooky tales in US history. The first destination for any true ghost hunter has for to be the old historic town of Richmond. The Parsonage House, a former church and restaurant, the Parsonage House has been abandoned for some time. But passerby’s claim that on random nights they can see what can only be described as candlelight flickering in many of the bedroom windows. This has been the site of a number of different ghost hunter explorations in years past.

  • The Conference House
  • Built towards Staten Island’s inception in 1680, by an English Royal Navy officer Christopher Billop, the Tottenville Conference House is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a maid who once served the naval officer. Growing up Frank Camuso remembers the tale of the officer going mad one night and stabbing his maid to death. Many claim to hear her spirit and even see the maid’s apparition perusing the halls by candlelight on random nights. Built over the outskirts of an ancient Indian burial ground, this was once called one of the most haunted places in America.

  • Snug Harbor
  • A favorite destination of Frank Camuso and his family, Snug Harbor has a long history of hauntings and ghost sightings. Explored by countless ghost hunting teams, Snug Harbor has been the subject of a number of paranormal documentaries. There is even a new Snug Harbor ghost tour running until October 27th of this year. Areas on the grounds are generally closed to the public and have been part of eerie news in the past – the Music Hall, the Matron’s House, the Butcher’s Cottage, and the Surgeon’s House are the prime spots to try and catch a ghost.

  • Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
  • Located in Rosebank, this gothic-style home has been the sight of countless paranormal experiences – many of which were captured in some capacity by the former residents. Many say the home is haunted by the ghost of a woman who is angry that her kitchen was removed from the home. Others claim to hear the coughing of a woman Ester, a former resident, whose husband buried her in the front yard.

    There’s many more spots to see on Staten Island, and a number of different guided ghost tours to go on. Do your homework, and see what spots you’d like to visit this Halloween if you dare.